Kitchen Remodel | Minneapolis, MN

We’re excited to showcase this quaint kitchen remodel in a beloved Minneapolis, MN neighborhood near and dear to our hearts. Walking through the one of a kind entry, the gorgeous chandelier and trendy decor of the living room leads you to the bright and lovely kitchen.

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Charcoal, grey and fuchsia pink are welcoming pops of color complimenting the original hardwood floors and other vintage features found decorating the home.

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The basic layout of galley style kitchen remained the same. The photo below shows the existing space before the kitchen remodel took place.

Before and After

We built and installed flat panel cabinetry finished in white. The doors were designed to overlay the cabinets adding more dimension in a small kitchen without being overdone.

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Cup style drawer pulls on the left side of the sink are key elements staying true to the homes age, all while tying in with the appliances fixtures in the lower half of the kitchen.

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White subway tile in an offset pattern completes the back splash which extends to the ceiling behind display shelving.

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The polished granite counter tops are speckled with dark fuchsia tones within the fluid grey and white grain.

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The farmhouse sink and vintage series new appliances were also great choices for a Minneapolis, MN kitchen remodel.


We installed can lighting in the ceiling and finished off the space by adding crown molding trim.

Before and After

The homeowner chose accents and decor that enhances the space with on trend rustic furniture and prints.

Columbia Heights-Kitchen Remodel (2 of 1)Columbia Heights-Kitchen Remodel (5 of 1)

In the living room we installed the chandelier, finished the ceiling and the homeowner styled the rest.

Before and After

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Seeing the space after our clients personality and style breathe life into the room is one of the many rewards of our job.

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This client saw the potential of reinventing this kitchen, and did so by respecting the true integrity and history of the home. Thank you for bringing us back to our old stomping grounds!

Master Bathroom Renovation | Elk River, MN

This is one of our custom homes built in 2000 and the new Homeowners were ready for an update.

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN
Before and After Remodel

The Vanity Cabinetry was removed and repainted with a white finish.

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN
Before and After Remodel

Dark brown glaze detailing added to the flat panel doors creates dimension and character within the white cabinetry.

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN

What was once closed off, the open concept shower is now a visible piece of art.

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN

The layout for the shower was reversed by relocating the plumbing fixtures to the interior wall.

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN

Staggered tile and dark grout shows nice contrast and detail within the large pieces.


The flooring layout is staggered as well, with light grout and dark tile which is also heated beneath.


A freestanding soaker tub and floor mounted faucet is the focal point of relaxation in this spa like retreat.

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Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN

Our custom slim storage cabinet is practical and provides a natural divider for privacy within the space.

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN

Updated lighting fixtures and a granite top were the finishing touches to make this custom vanity like new again.

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN

New and Improved and well deserved.

Ramsey-Elk River-Bathroom-Remodel-Custom-Cabinetry-Contractors-MN

Congrats to the Homeowners on making this space their own. We appreciate being a part of this new chapter in the Home!














Lake Home Basement | Brainerd, MN

So many features to love in this cozy cabin basement on Goodrich Lake in Crosslake, MN.

2015-09-12 22.47.18-34

The slate stone tile accents tie in the warm and cool tones found within the space.

2015-09-12 22.49.39-4

Our Entertainment Cabinet is the first custom feature as you enter the basement.

2015-09-12 22.47.56-35

The base cabinets provide plenty of storage behind the full overlay “Wabasha” style doors and drawers.

2015-09-12 22.53.01-2-9

Our painter finished all cabinetry in a cool, blue/grey paint with glaze accent to match the stained pine tops.

2015-09-12 22.53.35-1-10

The homeowners chose tile and pine tongue and groove woodwork as backdrop detail within casing of the bookshelves and TV enclosure.

2015-09-12 22.51.35-2-7

As you move throughout the room, the natural window light shifts and changes over the painted finish- highlighting and contrasting different hues over the Applied Molding style doors.

2015-09-12 22.52.27-11

Across from the TV cabinet, a walk up style bar and wall of slate tile finishes off the cohesive blend of cabinetry and texture.

2015-09-12 22.59.30-32

2015-09-12 22.48.50-22

We designed custom twin bunk beds to accommodate extra sleeping space when needed.

2015-09-12 22.55.35-31

A beautiful blend of rich color and texture transformed this once unfinished basement into the perfect area to entertain and relax.

2015-09-12 22.57.50-20

2015-09-12 22.53.55-24

2015-09-12 22.50.09-30

2015-09-12 22.50.01-2-23

New Construction Custom Lake Home | Brainerd, MN

An inviting Brainerd, MN lake and the owners family was the inspiration behind the build of this impressive Custom Cabin getaway.

Kirshner 84-523Kirshner 65

Kirshner 3Kirshner 5

Upon entering, an immediate view of the lake is presented through a custom glass sliding door and surrounding windows. 

Kirshner 2

Just outside, a welcoming covered stone patio awaits for both quietly enjoying the scenery, and entertaining during the lively summer months.

Kirshner 40 Kirshner 70

Well-thought-out kitchen design, bedding arrangements and recreational space make this home the perfect destination for kids and adults alike. 

Brainerd, MN New Home Construction-Custom Lake Home2015-07-20_00012015-07-20_0002Kirshner37Kirshner 64

Natural ambiance within our woodwork provides the home with the northern atmosphere residents in the Land of 10,000 Lakes gravitate to by nature.

Kirshner 42Kirshner 41Kirshner28Kirshner24Kirshner 4Kirshner 50

Our cabinetry designs allow for plenty of guest storage space and amenities

2015-07-24_0001Kirshner 53Kirshner 51Kirshner23

This spacious Master Bathroom provides privacy and relaxation with neutral rustic charm.

Kirshner 602015-08-17_0001Kirshner 55

There are wonderful memories to be made in this beautiful lakeside retreat.

Kirshner25Kirshner 6Kirshner 7Kirshner38Kirshner 82-520

New Home Construction | Ramsey, MN

A peaceful setting for this warm and welcoming two story near the Links at Northfork in Ramsey, MN.


New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Stone Fireplace New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Stone Fireplace New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Stone Fireplace

The Custom Cabinetry features and design characteristics combine beautifully with all that the natural scenic backdrop has to offer.

New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Wood Flooring Custom Kitchen New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Wood Flooring Custom Kitchen 5O9A7342 New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Wood Flooring Custom Kitchen

Effective office space and engaging entertainment areas are agreeable for a functioning working family.

New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Entry Way

Plenty of attractive design extras contribute to a charming, homey atmosphere inspiring new home composition in comfort and appearance.

New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Bathroom New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Bathroom New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Wrought Iron Staircase New Home Construction Ramsey MN Custom Cabinetry Kitchen Cabinets

Such and amazing neighborhood and beautiful scenery to enjoy while raising a Family! We wish the Homeowners many years of happiness in their home!