Lake Home Basement | Brainerd, MN

So many features to love in this cozy cabin basement on Goodrich Lake in Crosslake, MN.

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The slate stone tile accents tie in the warm and cool tones found within the space.

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Our Entertainment Cabinet is the first custom feature as you enter the basement.

2015-09-12 22.47.56-35

The base cabinets provide plenty of storage behind the full overlay “Wabasha” style doors and drawers.

2015-09-12 22.53.01-2-9

Our painter finished all cabinetry in a cool, blue/grey paint with glaze accent to match the stained pine tops.

2015-09-12 22.53.35-1-10

The homeowners chose tile and pine tongue and groove woodwork as backdrop detail within casing of the bookshelves and TV enclosure.

2015-09-12 22.51.35-2-7

As you move throughout the room, the natural window light shifts and changes over the painted finish- highlighting and contrasting different hues over the Applied Molding style doors.

2015-09-12 22.52.27-11

Across from the TV cabinet, a walk up style bar and wall of slate tile finishes off the cohesive blend of cabinetry and texture.

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2015-09-12 22.48.50-22

We designed custom twin bunk beds to accommodate extra sleeping space when needed.

2015-09-12 22.55.35-31

A beautiful blend of rich color and texture transformed this once unfinished basement into the perfect area to entertain and relax.

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